MSE provided all architectural and engineering services for the development of this 146,000-sq. ft. Facility (Phase 1).  The facility is pre-cast construction with a high-bay area for aluminum casting equipped with a holding furnace.  The plant is unusual in that machining and assembly of aluminum components is provided at the same facility.  This plant was designed to incorporate state of the art technology in the aluminum casting industry as well as provide 20,700-sq. ft. of impressive headquarters corporate office space for the company’s sales, business and administrative offices. MSE also designed access roads, loading facilities, drainage control facilities and platform scales for the facility.  AAC is a subsidiary of the second largest auto parts supplier in Japan, the Aisin-Seiki Company.

MSE also provided all architecture and engineering services including process design for the industrial waste treatment which is housed in a separate facility and required 8,000-sq. ft. of space. The facility provides treatment for acid, alkali, cleaner and oily waste streams.

Finally, MSE designed a 12-bedroom guesthouse on a site adjacent to the manufacturing facility for the use of the company’s visitors.